R1 Visa for Religious Workers

R1 Visa for Religious Workers


R1 Visa General Information: The United States government issues visas to individuals who are members of legitimate religious organizations so they can live and work legally in the United States for a specific period of time. These visas are called R1 Religious Worker Visas. R1 Visas are made available to members of the clergy and also to key employees of religious organizations. The process of completing and submitting a request for an R-1 Visa can be both costly and confusing. The R-1 Religious Worker Visa Immigration Package makes the application process easy to understand. This is a step-by-step guide to help you file your R1 Visa application as efficiently and quickly as possible.

R1 Visa Eligibility Requirements: R1 Visas can be obtained if the applicant has been a member of a legitimate religious denomination for at least 2 years. R-2 Visas can be obtained for accompanying relatives of the main applicant (R-1 Visa holder). Other requirements may apply and it is recommended to review the information in the application manual before applying.


Download the R1 Religious Worked Application. Instructions and Application Forms Included.

The R1 Visa Application Guide:

R1 Religious Worker Visa overview
R1 Visa eligibility and requirements
R1 Visa privileges and limitations
R1 Visa Extension information
How to complete the application forms
How to apply at a U.S. consulate
How to change your status to R1 if you already are in the U.S.
How to obtain R2 Visas for accompanying relatives
List of all USCIS (formerly INS) offices nationwide
List of United States embassies and consulates
FREE R1 Visa Application Forms

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