Dual Citizenship

United States Dual Citizenship


What means Dual Citizenship?:

Dual nationality or dual citizenship means that a person is a citizen of two different countries. For example you can be a citizen of the United States and also a citizen from England, therefore you will have double citizenship with the U.S. and the UK. In some cases people can even be a citizen of three countries or more. Not every country allows double citizenship, some countries ask you to choose and keep only one citizenship but in general the good news is that the U.S. allows or doesn’t oppose double citizenship, however there are certain exceptions. There are several benefits by having two nationalities but at the same time there can be some issues between the two countries laws and obligations.

United States Dual Citizenship:

There are several benefits of having a U.S. passport including the right to live, work and study in United States. It is assumed that the U.S. government allows dual citizenship, however United States laws do not mention dual citizenship. The United States Citizenship is one of the best citizenships to acquire, and there are thousands of people that become U.S. residents every year and eventually have the option to become U.S. citizens through the process of naturalization, but then they may have concerns about keeping or losing their original citizenship. Many new U.S. residents and citizens wonder if they can keep their original citizenship and still become a U.S. Citizen? Does the US allows double citizenship? or you have to lose your original citizenship when becoming American? When ordering this FAQ package you can learn the answer to many of the frequently asked questions about dual citizenship. The U.S. government does not encourage dual citizenship due to the problems that may arise from it like issues with double taxation, traveling with two passports, family issues, military service issues and other issues that can lead to confusion about what countries’ laws to follow. Dual national s owe allegiance to both the United States and their foreign country of second citizenship.


Foreigners that acquire U.S. citizenship:


As far as the U.S. is concerned most foreign aliens who become Americans can keep their original citizenship, however their country of origin may not allow double citizenship and they may have to give up their original citizenship. Therefore is very important to check with your country of birth if you can keep your citizenship when becoming American. It is important for U.S. green card holders to consider the pros and cons about dual citizenship carefully before applying for U.S. citizenship.


Americans who acquire a new citizenship:


A U.S. citizen who acquires a foreign citizen by marriage or who is granted another citizenship automatically doesn’t risk losing U.S. citizenship, however a person who acquires a foreign citizenship by applying for it may end up losing his U.S. citizenship if he applied voluntarily, by free choice and with the intention to give up his U.S. citizenship. The Intent to give up U.S. citizenship can be shown by the person’s statements or conduct.  Americans who don’t want to keep their citizenship can renounce to the United States citizenship in a formal and proper way at a U.S. embassy or consulate abroad.

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There are several frequent issues or questions about the double citizenship with United States and the country of origin, including the following:

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