Green Card through Marriage

Green Card through Marriage


How to apply for a Green Card for your spouse?

American citizens that get married to foreign nationals have the right to petition for permanent residence, also known as Green Card, for their husband or wife. The process of application for the green card is also known as application for an immigrant visa. The foreign spouse can be present in the United States or outside of the U.S. to go through the complete application process. If the foreign spouse is inside the U.S. with a legal immigration status then is possible to do an adjustment of status to adjust from the current immigration status into a immigrant status and receive a green card based on the marriage. Spouses of U.S. citizens are excluded from all numerical quota limitations. This means that there are an unlimited number of Green Cards available to foreign nationals who marry U.S. citizens. Order the Green Card through Marriage to learn more


If the foreigner spouse is present out of the United States, but the American citizen is living in the U.S. then the petition can be submitted by the American husband or wife in the U.S., but the application process can be completed through the local U.S. embassy or consulate in the country or residence of the foreign national. Then the U.S. embassy will issue an immigrant visa for the spouse to travel to the U.S. to meet with the American citizen and live permanently in the United States. A few weeks later after arrival in the U.S. the Green Cards will arrive in the mail.

It is important to note that if the process of obtaining an immigrant visa through marriage is completed before the couple have been married for two years then the foreign national will receive a Green Card with conditions, what means that the couple must wait two years to request the removal of the conditions on the Green Card after two years of the date of issue of the Green Card. This may be a problem for the green card holder in case of divorce or marriage dissolution because the green card holder won’t be able to remove the conditions and maybe out of status and lose the green card.


In some cases if the American citizen has been a resident of a foreign country for at least 6 months, then it may be possible in some cases to do the complete petition and application process at the local U.S. embassy or consulate in the country of residence of the American citizen. The main advantage of this consular application is that the process of applying for the green card for married couples is usually completed faster in just a few months and then the couple can travel together to live in the U.S. Please note that Green Cards are only issued to people that plan to live in the U.S. therefore is not recommended to apply for a green card if you don’t plan to live in the U.S.

For couples that are not married yet, instead of waiting to be married, they have the option to apply for a K-1 Fianc�e and Fianc� Visa for the foreign national to come to the United States to marry the U.S. citizen after arrival in the U.S.

If the foreign spouse have unmarried underage children, then the U.S. citizen can also petition for permanent residency or Green Card as the stepfather or stepmother of the children.  A great benefit for the children, is that if eventually the Green Card holder parent becomes a U.S. citizen before the children are 18 years old, then they will obtain the U.S. citizenship automatically without any additional citizenship application by the children, just by action of law, because the parent became naturalized. After receiving a certificate of citizenship or naturalization they can request an American Passport.

The process of completing and submitting a request for a Green Card through marriage to a United States citizen can be both very difficult but by ordering and downloading this Immigration Package you will be able to learn and understand the complete application process and will find access to official immigration forms, forms instructions and helpful information to have a successful Green Card application.

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